Recall Chronicles

“A vision of the future that’s both harrowing and endlessly entertaining.” –Kirkus Reviews 

Way of the Serpent

Recall Chronicles Vol. I 

It’s 2125 and the corporations control everything, right down to your own personal memories. But there’s a movement afoot to bring down the corporations. That movement is known as Recall. Jenda knows nothing about it until a chance encounter with an old woman drives her to question her own identity.



Shadow of the Hare

Recall Chronicles Vol. II  

The woman who occasioned Jenda’s “chance encounter” was Malia Poole. Unlike Jenda, Malia is a lifelong dissident, an author and bibliophile in a world in which books have ceased to matter and barely exist. Her passion for “doing the right thing” brings her nothing but heartbreak.

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Scribe reviewer says “This terrifying prophecy is a must read for anyone who has any hope for humanity. Unplug your corporate media machine and read this book!” MORE… 


Flight of the Owl

Recall Chronicles Vol. III 

JonathanSwain is headed back to where he was seven months ago, back when the world still existed. It’s early spring 2127 as he sets out in search of his plutocrat grandfather’s archives, determined to discover the truth about the old man’s role in the disastrous world that was. Accompanied by a Hopi artist and a genius fifteen-year-old with a sketchy past, Jonathan’s quest takes him first to Dallas, Texas, and then to Costa Rica, where he learns that the future of humankind may depend on what he finds.