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New Release: March 2022

The hopeful joy wrought by the dedication of the Book of All Time, with its heady celebration of Meridia as both Melfar Calumet and Mundani Prophet, is shattered when a ship with expansive white wings drops anchor off Selbourne. The ship and its occupants depart as swiftly as they came, taking with them a mirror and two Melfar—including one of Meridia’s infant twins. They leave behind only mystery: Who are these people? And where did they come from?

Meridia and her partner Damon must fight through their personal grief to recover their missing daughter and her caregiver Yuli. But how to begin? They have no ships. Perhaps an answer lies in the nearly forgotten Melfar Song of the Sea or in deciphering the original purpose of the stolen mirror, discovered long ago in the perilous ruins of Swarthpol, where Meridia’s father was once imprisoned. 

Perhaps there are ways of reaching Yuli and the baby that do not require ships. 

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Meridia is a healer, but can she heal the deep rift of time that drove Earth’s people apart? 

Bereft of leadership after a critical ritual goes fatally wrong, remnants of the Mundani Palinjian cult vow vengeance. They blame the Melfar and their Mundani sympathizers, attacking randomly and with escalating brutality. Melfar and their allies look to Meridia, the mixed-race healer who brought them the miraculous Song of All Songs.

Traveling with the Migrant deep into the past, Meridia witnesses the apocalyptic origins of Earth’s two peoples. Inspired by their struggles, she determines to help craft a new narrative, a story that can show Melfar and Mundani who they are, how they came to be, and bring them together at last. They’ll call it the Book of All Time.

Both Melfar and Mundani are calling Meridia a Prophet, but can she become what they need? Can she save them from one another?

Song of All Songs Wins SPR Silver Medal for 2020!

“An immersive and visceral vision of the future. This first installment of the EarthCycles series plays out as both a wonderful adventure and a well-crafted prophecy. The economy of language in certain moments is striking, while the poetic flow in other passages makes this novel a delicious pleasure to consume. This rare blend of naked imagination, careful storytelling, poetic flair, and meticulous language is reminiscent of Ursula K. Le Guin at her best. Showcasing the speculative fiction of a wildly gifted author, Song of All Songs is a very special book – an enigmatic and inventive treasure, and certainly not one to be missed.” —Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★★


Long after the apocalypse, Earth has repeopled itself. Twice.

Despised by her mother’s people and demeaned by her absent father’s legacy, Meridia has one friend—Damon, an eccentric photologist. When Damon shows Meridia a stone he discovered in an old photo bag purchased from a vagrant peddler, she is transfixed. There’s a woman, she says, a dancing woman. And a song. Can a song contain worlds? Oblivious of mounting political turmoil, the two set out to find the old peddler, to find out what he knows about the stone, the woman, and the song. But marauding zealots attack and take Damon captive. Meridia is alone. Desolate. Terrified. Yet determined to carry on, to pursue the stone’s extraordinary song, even as it lures her into a journey that will transform her world.

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